Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Be Money Smart & Career Wise" Workshop - For Deaf Cimmunity

"Be Money Smart & Career Wise" Workshop - For Deaf Cimmunity

Date : 25th June 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 9:30am to 4:30pm
Venue : Section 13 Campus, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya.

Facilitated by Carol Yip - Financial Coach & Trainer
"Personal Vision Board" Using creative artwork - Facilitated by Artist Felicia Loh

 Sponsor by PIDM
 Group photo with trainer

Artist Felicia Loh explaining her Vision Board. 

Presentation by Deaf Participant

Teastimony sharing :-
  1. Andrew Lee - Thank you very much.. It is very nice!
  2. Salina Ong - We are happy with learning the artwork from you because this was first time we do it!
  3. PIDM - They are very happy with the workshop we had at KDU, and they are keen to consider the next project - for the Deaf students at vocational training schools.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Picture of SMK Workshop of 14th March 2007

Smart Money Kid Workshop
(Teaching kid how to save money and make their own save box)

Kids are making their coin box.....

This is a piece of drawing showing her ambition.
What she want to be when she grow up.
Carol Yip the founder of Abacus for Money &
Felicia loh the founder of The Art Mind
Giving certificate to the kids who have complete the workshop.

For more information of this workshop.
Kindly contact Felicia Loh at 012 6601211.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Abacus For Money promotes personal financial literacy to kids aged 6 to 12, guiding them towards financial freedom for life!

Smart Money Kidthe fun and creative education program is a physical and mental activity workshop that is undertaken purely for enjoyment or amusement in teaching kids about money.

Creative teaching methodology and tools

  • Smart Money Kid workbook — reinforces the money skills learned in the workshop and is theirs to keep and refer to when needed
  • Art drawing — helps kids to visualize and express their dreams and vision
  • Handicraft — teaches kids the importance of saving, using money wisely to achieve life goals and safe-guarding their life values and financial dreams
Why Smart Money Kid is fun ...

The 1st 5 student enroll will be given special price of RM80 per participant
  • Venue: Wisma WIM (TTDI)
  • Date: 14th March 2007 (Wednesday) ~~ School holiday Break ~~
  • Time: 11am to 3:00pm
  • Cost: RM100 per child/course ~~Material Inclusive~~
  • Class: 20 Children per class
Contact: +6 012 6601211 or Email:

The facilitators use fun and creative art and craft, interactive fun activities and play approach as the teaching methodology to moderate kids to create memorable impression of good money value and money skills.
This is because kid’s ability to learn and gain knowledge from their surrounding is most effective via fun and creative activities.
Neuroscience research confirms the importance of fun and creative activities for kids in developing their brain's memory ability. It has also been shown that exposure to metaphor and symbols, as used in art, craft, interactive activities and play will have beneficial effect upon the development of the brain.
We strongly believe that Smart Money Kid — the fun and creative education program will readily impress money values in young kids’ minds with play activities, art and craft and will generate reflexive responses via their hearing, visual, kinesthetic and touch senses through activities they see and hear, actions they participate in, art and craft they create.
Abacus For Money promotes personal financial literacy to kids aged 6 to 12, guiding them towards financial freedom for life!
By teaching kids on the subject of money and money values at a young age, the Abacus For Money team believes that this workshop will give kids a head-start in life enabling them to grow-up to be money-wise adults.